April Newsletter


I suppose you might call it faith if you believe in the sun, even on a cloudy day. We probably all have that kind of faith. There are places where it might cloud over for weeks at a time. It’s easy to get discouraged by the grey sky. Yet, even in cloudy weather, we know the sun is still up there. It’s still providing heat and light. It’s still making life possible.  What happens if our life should cloud over with troubles? What if we have to live for a while under the cover of dark disappointments?

At times like that, we might ask why such things could happen to us. We might question whether or not God is really there, whether or not He cares, whether or not He’s able to help. We can’t see Him directly. But God is certainly there. He is doing His work, protecting and providing for us. He causes the sun to shine, and the earth to produce. He provides for our physical needs, making our life possible. But even more than that, the Son of God shines in His Holy Word. This is God’s answer to our spiritual need.

God hasn’t left us in darkness, to try to figure out the answers to life all by ourselves. He hasn’t left us to the wolves that prey upon our fears and needs. God has given us everything we need in Jesus, His Son. We were sinful. Jesus came from heaven to be our holiness. We were dying. Jesus came from heaven to be our life. We were lost; Jesus came from heaven and found us. He was punished in our place on the cross, and all our sins are forgiven in Him. So where we’d desperately try to understand … where we’d desperately try to get life right, and find comfort against fear and guilt for the wrong we’ve done … God breaks in, shows us His Son, and says: “the righteous shall live by faith,” faith in Him! That means forgiveness for sins. That means the exchange of our fate in hell, for eternal joys in heaven. That means help for cloudy days, fears and doubts.

Why not join us this Sunday? God has given us His Holy Word, that we might obtain this faith: assurance that we have a gracious God in Christ.

This devotion was prepared by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod´s Board for Home Outreach.

Print Advertising

Recently, Cristo Rey Lutheran has focused on utilizing a variety of print materials to advertise in the community. This includes a series of “rapid succession” post cards to approximately 3,000 homes in Bell Gardens. These homes will receive three postcards approximately ten days apart from each other. These postcards have a similar design but slightly different content. They advertise our service times and other spiritual services such as baptisms and quintessences. In addition to these postcards, Pastor Matt and members distributed approximately 2,500 postcards by hand. They were distributed to the same houses in our mass mailing routes.

Online Advertising

Cristo Rey Lutheran continues to create short videos in order to advertise on Facebook. Facebook is a great way for us to advertise as it allows us to target specific demographics in certain locations. So far, our videos have generated a great response. For example, our video, “What does the Gospel mean?” in Spanish reached 73,834 people. It generated 15.8k views, 129 likes, 1,016 shares, and 12 comments. We pray that they will be a way to connect with the members of our community. You can see samples of these videos on our website.

Care Packages

This month, members from Cristo Rey Lutheran assembled care packages for the less fortunate members of our community. These packages will be kept on hand at the church and given to people in need. Some of these kits may also be given to members of the Bell Gardens Police Department with the intention of officers distributed them during their shifts. These kits include hygiene items, food, water, socks, a t-shirt, and Gospel centered literature. You can see photos of this project on our Facebook page.

Upcoming Remodeling

The members of Cristo Rey Lutheran continue to work together to make plans for a remodeling project this summer. This project will include new flooring, a new drywall ceiling with recessed lighting, updates to the chancel (area with the altar, pulpit, and lectern), and other necessary updates to the building. More information on this exciting project will be coming soon.