March Newsletter

Did You Know?

Did you know that this year the Lutheran church is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation? Nearly 500 years ago, the Christian church struggled with many false teachings. The main false teaching was that a person could be saved by their own works instead of by God’s grace. This deeply troubled a monk named Martin Luther. This is because as hard as he tried, he didn’t think he would do enough good works to enter heaven. However, the more Martin Luther studied the bible, the more he realized that we are saved by God’s grace alone. He worked hard to lead people back to the teachings of the Bible. His work, and the work of his colleagues, is called the Reformation. Through the Reformation, the church was restored to the truth and purity of God’s Word.

Annex Remodel

Throughout the month of February, members and friends of the congregation worked hard to remodel the annex portion of our facility. This work included the repair of the walls and painting. This newly remodeled space will serve many purposes. During worship services, it serves as a nursery. Before and after worship, it serves as fellowship space. In the future, this room can be used for overflow seating as it includes three televisions which can stream the services live. This space will also serve as a great multipurpose room for lunches, bible studies, and community events. We are very thankful for the hours of labor that went into this exciting project.

Live Streaming Equipment

On February 1-5, Paul Fries from the Evangelical Lutheran Synod was at Christ the King installing the video recording and live streaming equipment. Our English and Spanish services are streamed live on our website ( and on our Facebook page ( On our website, you can also view our archived services and sermons. This is a wonderful blessing to our congregation.

Mission Rally

On February 11, Pastor Behmer and John Hammermesiter traveled to Bishop, CA for our district’s Mission Rally. Pastor Behmer presented on the work of our synod in South America. Pastor Paul Webber from Salt Lake City, UT presented on outreach to a culture with a high percentage of people of the Mormon faith. Pastor Larry Wentzlaff presented on the work of our synod throughout the United States. It was a wonderful opportunity to focus on the mission of the church. The rally was hosted by the Cross-Stitch Mission Society. This society has generosity supported our efforts here in Bell Gardens.

Spanish Services Underway

On February 18, we conducted our first Spanish service. We continue to have Spanish services every Saturday night. While anyone is welcome to attend these Spanish services, they will serve as an opportunity to “test” our service style, music, and audio/visual equipment. Our early start to these services is also to contribute to the work of iGlesia Luterana Cristo ( Soon, we will begin extensive outreach to invite members of our community to these worship services.

Season of Lent & Easter

In the month of March and April we will have special worship services in order to focus on the sufferings, death, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Every Wednesday from March 1 through April 5 we will have a Lenten Worship service at 4:00pm. We will also have special services in both English and Spanish on Thursday, April 13, Friday, April 14, and Sunday April 16. More information on these services will be coming soon.